2013 Salsa Cycles are here!

Well, some of them anyways–

We got our first shipment of the super sweet 2013 Salsa Cycles in the shop and built up. Right now we’ve got a size run of the Vaya’s (some Vaya 2′s and some Vaya 3′s) and will be getting some Warbirds, Fargo’s and a few other adventure oriented rides soon. Swing by and check them out soon.

This is the Vaya 2 — its got a 2×10 drivetrain with a mix of SRAM Apex and X.9

This is the Vaya 3 — its got a 3×10 drivetrain with a mix of Sora and other Shimano parts

We’ve also got this Civia Linden all built up in new clothes as a sweet fat tire single speed. Its awesome and only 600.00 bucks!