2017 Atlanta Bicycle Coalition Blinkie Awards -- February 10th


The 2017 Atlanta Bicycle Coalition Blinkie awards are right around the corner and we hope to see you there.  Unlike years before, the voting is going to be in person for some of the awards categories including best bike shop!  We hope to see you there as the Bilinkies always prove to be a bunch of fun.

The festivities are going to be February 10th and will held at the M. Rich Building (Downtown)-- 115 Martin Luther King JR. DR SW, Atlanta, GA 30303  Get your tickets HERE


Kit Pre-order + CROSS IS HERE!

It came down to the wire (like, next day shipping from Portland) but the team kits have made it for the Georgia Cross Season.  I think they look sick, the riders like them, and Mud fell asleep in the box they came in-- so that's a ringing endorsement.  The order page is HERE and will be live until NOVEMBER 6th.  The pricing is 75 for a jersey, 90 for bibs and 120 for a wind jacket.  Now for some sick action shots of the jersey's in action!

Again, we'll be adding more images and whatnot as we get them but follow this link and get your order in TODAY!



Fairdale has ARRIVED!

After a series of corporate meetings, retreats, and a few unplanned firings the decision finally got approved by the board to bring in Fairdale Bikes.  I couldn't be more excited about what Fairdale brings to the shop not only in fun and radness but also in wallet friendliness. 

To start the ball rolling we've got two different versions of the Weekender in stock.  The Weekender Drop and the Weekender Archer.  Both versions share the same frame and geometry but are outfitted with totally different parts and positioning.  

First up we've got the Drop version.  It has a blend of mountain and road SRAM 1x10 drivetrain bits with a rad wide 11-40 range cassette out back.  It's perfect for your gravel/cross/commuting/grinduro/ bike riding needs.  You can put a rack on it and you can put fenders on it.  You can even do both at the same time.  The Weekender Drop is really fun and super versatile and best of all comes in at $1250 so it doesn't break the bank.    

Up next is the Weekender Archer-- it uses the same frame as the Drop version but sets you up with some cruiser bars and a 1x9 SRAM drivetrain.  This bike is the perfect machine to get you to the bar (or grocery, restaurant, video rental place (those still exist), or corner store) and back. More than enough gears to get ya there and an upright position to keep you comfy you'll stay stoked there whole ride.

Fairdale has way more options that we'll be bringing in at some point, but right now these two bikes are what you've been asking for and now we've got them!  Come by and take one for a ride.  I bet you'll grin. 


ps.  Still closed on Monday.

6 Year Anniversary Party -- June 18th 2016

Lets do this yall!  We are having our yearly party to celebrate the shops glorious birth.  This year its going down June 18th and starting at 3pm.  What's really cool is that it aligns with All Hail the Black Market's annual Wizard Staffs Across the Universe Day so we are prepared to make some mighty tall wizard staffs.  It's going to be a great time and hope to see you out there!

Details can be found here -- https://www.facebook.com/events/239264199781333/

Salsa Cycles Demo Day -- Olde Rope Mill -- April 16th

It's that time of year again where the decked out Salsa Sprinter heads south and spreads its various Salsa flavored bikes around for all to try.  We are going to be set up at Olde Ropee Mille Parke at 10am and the last demo ride will go out at 2pm.  We will be providing the shred sleds and pedals (as long as you are rocking SPD or Crank Brothers cleats) so bring your own helmet, hydration system and shoes.

We expect a great turn out some come early and get first dibs on the bike you've been itching to try out.  There will be an assortment of the following bikes to demo -- Ponyrustler x01, Spearfish SLX, Beargrease x01, Bucksaw x01, Mariachi 2, and Warbird 105

See ya out there!

New Shop Swag

It's been one million years since the shop did any new shop swag other than shirts.  Well, the wait is over!  We've got two new bottle designs and some big stickers.  The bottles are 26oz with the Moflo cap so you can squirt attacking dogs with gusto.

Two different designs, two different sides so its like 4 new bottles.  You're welcome.

Two different designs, two different sides so its like 4 new bottles.  You're welcome.

We also got some of these snazzy stickers.  They are about 5"x5" so they aren't for the bashful.    Order some bottles and we'll toss one in for ya.  Free.  Cause we love you.  No really, you are the one for us.

So yeah, that's whats new.  Thanks for checking it out.


Still closed on Monday and out voicemail isn't set up.

Bike Infrastructure is Visably Growing

I got into the shop this morning and was aimlessly clicking through emails when I stumbled across one from the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition that had this really cool gif.

Check it! Moving pictures in a blog post.

Check it! Moving pictures in a blog post.

Knowing that ABC has been furthering bicycle oriented infrastructure for 25 years now is incredible.  Seeing that incremental, but ever continuing, development on one map is really eye opening. 

If you enjoy using the bike lanes, paths, and sharrows consider supporting ABC and know that you are supporting the further growth of Atlanta's bicycle infrastructure.

What We've Been Up to

So, after nearly 6 years of the shop being open, it should be blatantly obvious that I'm not the best at keeping things fresh on the website-- or really social media as a whole.  I've always been curious how companies, people and brands that find enough time in the day to constantly keep blogs, Instagram, Facebook, their websites and everything else computer based up to date and exciting.  It was, truly, only recently that I realized that most big bike shops actually have someone who's job (or at least some part of their job description) it is to keep new content coming to the digital masses.  I'm here to say I'm going to give this whole updating things regularly a shot. 

Let me be totally clear, I'm not saying that there will be some certain number of posts per day, week, or really even every month.  I will say, on the record, that I am going to try and do a better job of, even if it's only a few sentences and pictures, keeping everyone updated of whats going on in the shop.

Let's start with the important things. 

Mud doing what he does best.  Napping and farting.

Mud doing what he does best.  Napping and farting.

#mudthedog (ugh, whose #hashtag has recently been blown up with a little dog so lets work on that everyone) is healthy and pretty much still happy as long as there is a box to lay on and a blanket to be covered with.  He's now accepting tips and loves pizza crust. 

There have been a few visitors through the shop as of late.  None of which are as famous as this guy

His name is Watts.  He's really good at drinking small beers.

His name is Watts.  He's really good at drinking small beers.

His name is Watts and he owns Revolution Cycles in Greensboro, North Carolina and adds to the number of words on the internet over at The Revolting Cogs.  It's a much better blog with extremely regular updates.  And its funny.  Go read it.  It's always a pleasure to have other shop owners and mechanics come through and chat.  It's especially fun when they bring bikes and beers and you end up getting a little day drunk.  Me, not him, of course.

What else has happened?  Well, it seems that from the middle of 2015 all the way to current day, titanium as a frame material has become extremely popular around here.  We've been building a good number of Ti Fargos, Ti El Mariachi's and Ti Vaya's. 

This is a horrible picture of some sweet titanium goodness.

This is a horrible picture of some sweet titanium goodness.

I've got no idea what changed peoples minds but I'm definitely not complaining.  Getting to build up folks' dream bikes and then watching them ride the hell out of them is awesome.  So much so that it really gets everyone in the shop excited all over again to be working on bikes and keeping people pedaling.

Speaking of keeping people pedaling, a really cool El Mariachi build we finished a few months ago just powered a great customer and great friend Sean to his much-needed completion in the Huracan 300 (a sick bikepacking loop/race/party ride).

Yep, 27.5+ in an El Mariachi.  Don't call Salsa about it.

Yep, 27.5+ in an El Mariachi.  Don't call Salsa about it.

Sean's El Mar ended up super sweet with a smart blend of XX1, X01 and X1.  We fit some 27.5+ wheels in it with plenty of room to spare.  No, they don't fully measure out to 2.8.  No, a set of scraper rims and 3.0 tires won't fit.  These do though and it's awesome. The bike performed nearly flawlessly over the 350ish mile course in Central Florida.  Also, all three of those Titanium Salsa above participated in the Huracan and two of the three finished. 

Other than that it has been pretty much business as usual.  The neighborhood is still great to us, with the help of an awesome guy named Michael, who just happens to own a rad bike shop in Florida called Ace Metric, we managed to get another unicorn out in the wild.

Joe clearly has great tastes in bikes.

Joe clearly has great tastes in bikes.

Yeah, other than that you are pretty much caught up.  I doubt anyone will make it this far but I'd like to close by saying that Kate is really creepy in this picture. 

Hey Kate

Hey Kate

Everyone likes creepy clowns right?

Still closed on Mondays and our voicemail isn't set up.  Laters

Salsa Cycles Demo Day -- November 22nd -- Blankets Creek

Come join us November 22nd for an awesome day of shredding new 2016 Salsa Cycles bikes.  We will be at Blankets Creek mountain bike trails from 10am to 2pm.  It is a free event and is open to everyone. Please bring your own pedals, shoes and helmets.  

We will have a fire pit to help you keep warm and a grill with simple eats! Because of the event the shop will be CLOSED Sunday the 22nd.  Hope to see you there .

Loose Butts Metal Shirts are Here


Our latest shirts have landed and we are stoked.  I'd like to note that they are in fact not black(for everyone that asked for a not black shirt you are welcome) but in fact brown.  They are really soft and really awesome.  Get one in the shop or in our online store.  They are 15 bucks plus 2 dollars shipping domestically.  International orders email the shop please. 

Ten Days Left to Order Kits!


These kits are best paired with unicorn socks and a dirty steel bicycle.

These kits are best paired with unicorn socks and a dirty steel bicycle.

Rhys "I Just Did 20 Sprints Face" May

Rhys "I Just Did 20 Sprints Face" May

Matt "Majestic As Fuck" Reeves

Matt "Majestic As Fuck" Reeves

Even more butt flattering than Lululemon.

Even more butt flattering than Lululemon.

The August 15th deadline to order your very own Loose Nuts Kit is coming up. If you want to look as fancy as these LNC Racing p/b Octane riders Rhys Mayhem and Matthew "Premium Rush" Reeves, you'd better get on it.

Click this link: https://teamorder.serviziocorse.com/index.aspx?pc=9E2D88A8-787C-4055-82F0-8E7793A64EBC  ,make an account with Castelli if you don't have one already, and order your new favorite outfit. Makes for excellent tan lines and will intimidate others with its blueberry hued striped polka dots.

Fit Kits: Castelli kits are in the shop for you to come try on whenever you'd like! C'mon down and try you on some Lycra. You're gonna like the way you look, we guarantee it.


Nate (QHJ Designs) created these rad kits and they are now available for ordering through Castelli! They are simultaneously striped and polka dotted. And did we mention rad? 

From LEft: Princess Kinzer, Michael "Ladies Man" Packard, Rhys Mayhem, and Matt "Sweet Cheeks" Reeves. 

From LEft: Princess Kinzer, Michael "Ladies Man" Packard, Rhys Mayhem, and Matt "Sweet Cheeks" Reeves. 


Sponsors on the kit: Octane, Ritchey-Logic, Little Tart Bakeshop, Rhys May Jewelry, QHJ Designs, and Bike GA Counties. These kits feature the same design as the LNC Racing Team p/b Octane ones, just without "LNC Race Team" on the leg cuff and collar. 

By ordering one of these sweet kits, you are getting to rep the shop as well as these local sponsors, and helping to send our 8 racers to more cyclocross races around the southeast! 

About the team: LNC Racing Team p/b Octane

Jersey: $65

Bibs: $80

Wind Jacket: $120

ORDER DEADLINE: August 15th 

GET YOU ONEhttps://teamorder.serviziocorse.com/index.aspx?pc=9E2D88A8-787C-4055-82F0-8E7793A64EBC (You must make a user name to order your goods.) 


Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Tailgate at Loose Nuts Cycles


The Bulleit Whiskey Woody Tailgate Trailer is throwing a Wednesday night tailgate at Loose Nuts Cycles (Wednesday, June 17 from 6 –8 p.m.) with Bulleit cocktails!  If you’re not familiar with the Bulleit Woody the trailer was originally designed for the Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gift Guide and retails at more than $150,000.  Created by iconic designer Brad Ford, the Woody is cast from repurposed Bulleit barrels and features a fully stocked bar of Bulleit Bourbon, Rye and 10-Year.  It’s been featured on The Today Show, CNN and more. 

Look forward to an elevated tailgating experience at Loose Nuts Cycles.  We’ll have complimentary Bulleit Bourbon and Bulleit Rye cocktails with Bulleit 10-Year tastings, appetizers, and Bulleit swag giveaways like whiskey glasses and T-shirts. All attendees must be 21 +

If you can’t make it out, visit our Instagram page @BulleitUS to see where we might be going next! 

 Hope to see you there!


5 Year Anniversary Party -- June 6th!

We've got a fun evening planned for our five year anniversary.  We're going to have beers, bourbon, and burritos for everyone.  We will also have two very limited edition shirts for sale at the party including one throwback shirt that we've been asked countless times to reprint.  Swing by on Saturday June 6th and say hello have a drink, a bit of food, snag a shirt and have some fun.



Bike Sale for National Bike Month!

National Bike month is finally upon us.  To help celebrate this we are offering a bunch of great deals on some of the bikes we have in stock.  Linus, Surly, and Salsa will all have select in stock models on sale (up to 25% off) to help get you riding this month.  Touring bikes, gravel bikes, city bikes are just some of the styles that we have on sale.  Swing by and check out the deals!