Product Highlight: Virtue Bikes

While Kareem was in San Diego a few weeks ago he struck up a conversation with another bike shop owner about a line of bikes he had on the floor. They were nicely built, amazingly styled and unbelievably priced. The brand in discussion is Virtue Bikes, a small, new company based out of San Diego. What really attracts us to these bikes is that they are perfect platforms for a budget commuter or around town rider. The "One" model is a single-speed coaster brake bike based around a relaxed geometry track frame. It has room for fat tires and fenders, as well as baskets and racks. The price for this model is 314.99!

Their other model is a 6-speed variant of the "One." It has a slightly different frame and comes with color matched full coverage fenders. The price for this model is 379.99!

We decided to bring a few in and see if Atlanta is game for reasonably priced town bikes. Swing by the shop and test ride one soon!