RACE REPORT: Blankets Creek Race to Sunset

Saturday brought another day spent in the woods racing mountain bikes-- it was rad. The trip up I-75 was more than a little disheartening as it it dumped rain the entire time (we heard the MC of the race report that sections of I-75 had gotten as much as 1.5-2"). However, once we got to Blankets Creek the rain had stopped, the humidity spiked and the mosquito's joined all of the riders in a great day of racing. Laura, Mike and myself were all racing under the Loose Nuts name and did very respectably. Mike, on his single speed 29er, cranked out 7 laps for a 5th place finish out of 13 riders. Laura and I also managed 7 laps in the coed division and managed to land on the podium in 3rd place out of 12 teams. Good times were had, beers were drunk, and no one left injured. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday.