Georgia State Singlespeed Championships -- Race Report

Saturday and Sunday were jammed packed with mountain bike racing of the single speed variety in Hartwell, Georgia. Faster Mustache put on, for their second year, the Georgia State Singlespeed Championships and, like last year, managed to make it an amazing weekend. All of the results for all of the races are avaliable here so make sure to check them out! Saturday racing started about 4pm with the Short Track race. Unlike last year the format was changed drastically and was based around the new eliminator style of racing. Four racers toed the starting line and raced a single short lap for two advancing positions. This proved to be an awesome format that kept the energy up for racers and proved that tactics as well as strength were necessary for the win. Faster Mustache (both Atlanta and Charlotte) and Loose Nuts Cycles had a great showing with FM:ATL, FM: Charlotte and Loose Nuts getting on the podium.

With the Short Track racing wrapped up many beverages were consumed in the beer nest, gears were changed and lights were charged for the Night Time Time Trial. The course traveled the entire loop of the Paynes Creek. Somewhere around 7 miles, the trail was super flowy with minimal climbing-- perfect for some single speed shredding. Released at 30 second intervals all of the racers set out into the night trying to track down the rider in front of them to ensure they wouldn't get last place. FM:ATL and FM:Charlotte again posted great results, with 4 riders in the top 10. Incredibly the fastest Georgia rider for the night was a 16 year old junior rider who slayed the course in 29:46 seconds.

Once everyone got of the trail Saturday night the beers continued to roll, the fires raged and war stories rang out. All the while the Cross Country main event was looming over everyone's heads. Around 11am Sunday morning the starting line was filled with hungover riders waiting to spin their legs and sweat out last nights festivities. The XC course consisted of the same trail as raced in the Night Time Time Trial but with a few laps added. When the gun went off and legs started racing (albeit the speed of the bikes didn't quite seem to match the cadences produced) for the entrance into the trail. Immediately a group of ridiculously fast guys shot off the front and were never seen again by the eyes of most racers-- but as I understand it, they knocked out three laps in under 1 hour 35 minutes. That is fast.

The weekend was a total blast with twice as many racers as last year-- a great sign for Georgia Single Speed mountain biking. I'd like to personally thank Nico, Alex, Chrisopher, Aaron, and all of the other guys and gals that made this event possible. Already looking forward to next years race!