Fairdale has ARRIVED!

After a series of corporate meetings, retreats, and a few unplanned firings the decision finally got approved by the board to bring in Fairdale Bikes.  I couldn't be more excited about what Fairdale brings to the shop not only in fun and radness but also in wallet friendliness. 

To start the ball rolling we've got two different versions of the Weekender in stock.  The Weekender Drop and the Weekender Archer.  Both versions share the same frame and geometry but are outfitted with totally different parts and positioning.  

First up we've got the Drop version.  It has a blend of mountain and road SRAM 1x10 drivetrain bits with a rad wide 11-40 range cassette out back.  It's perfect for your gravel/cross/commuting/grinduro/ bike riding needs.  You can put a rack on it and you can put fenders on it.  You can even do both at the same time.  The Weekender Drop is really fun and super versatile and best of all comes in at $1250 so it doesn't break the bank.    

Up next is the Weekender Archer-- it uses the same frame as the Drop version but sets you up with some cruiser bars and a 1x9 SRAM drivetrain.  This bike is the perfect machine to get you to the bar (or grocery, restaurant, video rental place (those still exist), or corner store) and back. More than enough gears to get ya there and an upright position to keep you comfy you'll stay stoked there whole ride.

Fairdale has way more options that we'll be bringing in at some point, but right now these two bikes are what you've been asking for and now we've got them!  Come by and take one for a ride.  I bet you'll grin. 


ps.  Still closed on Monday.