Brianna Isbell

New to racing, Bri looks to shred her first Georgia Cyclocross season. A local fashionista who loves a good ol' Quick Trip dinner.


Kinzer Hewitt

A mechanic at Loose Nuts, Kinzer loves jump lines and techy corners.   A lover of cheap beer, steel bikes and breaking rims.  He is Starting his 3rd full race season as a Cat 2 contender.   



Jason Spruill

Life long bike racer, Jason is finally looking to do a full Cyclocross season. A lover of burritos, crashing, and pto.  Oh yeah, don't mess with him, he's our resident S.W.A.T. member.  






Trevor Harding

Reformed Jimmy Jerk, Trevor can now pull you a fantastic shot of espresso and shred your face off on a bike.  Hes really quiet so talk to him the most! 


Blake Cowing

Blake is a bike-commuting, trail-shredding, fish-angling, tire-flatting, cubical-riding cross racer entering his second full season looking to challenge the category 4.  He is also the most adult on the team.



Brent Amrhein

Transplant to Atlanta, Brent has been racing for one year and looks to cat up throughout the season. A lover of small dogs and hopping logs!