Welcome to Loose Nuts Cycles in Grant Park, Atlanta, GA

Christmas and New Years Holiday Shop Hours

Happy Holidays everyone– this year the shop is doing something different around the Christmas and New Years holidays. We will be closing the shop from Christmas Eve after noon and taking the week between Christmas and New Year off. Everyone at the shop will be visiting family, riding bikes, and just generally chilling out. We know that this will cause some inconvenience and for that we apologize. We will return to the shop with regular hours Friday January 2nd. Thanks for everyone’s support in 2014, we really appreciate everything that you’ve done for the shop and look forward to an even better 2015! See you next year– Chris, Tyler, Kinzer and Em

The shop will be closed the following days–

December 24th — 11am-1pm
December 25th — Closed
December 26th — Closed
December 27th — Closed
December 28th — Closed
December 29th — Closed
December 30th — Closed
December 31st — Closed
January 1st — Closed

Brands We Stock

Surly Bikes


Linus Bikes

Chris King

Salsa Bikes



Brakes and Levers

  • (Charge is per brake or lever)
  • Adjustment $15
  • Install Cable $20
  • Install Brake Lever/pair $25
  • Install Brake Shoes $10
  • Hydraulic Brake: Bleed $30
  • Derailleurs and Shifters

    • Adjustment $15 per dérailleur
    • Install and Adjust Cable $20 per cable
    • Replace/ Align Dérailleur $30
    • Install pair of shifters w/o brakes $50/ w/brakes $80
    • Overhaul Shifters $15 each

    Tires and Tubes

    • Install tube $8
    • Install new tire (includes tube labor) $14
    • Setup Wheel Tubeless (includes Stan's) $20
    • Additional Stan's (includes Stan's) $12 per tire
    • Glue Tubular $40 per wheel

    Tune­ups & Overhaul

    Basic Tune­-up
    Single speed bikes $50
    Multi­Speed bikes $70
    Tune­-plus $150
    Major Overhaul $250
    Additional Cleaning $15
    Drive train clean/degrease and relube $40
    Hourly Rate (special circumstance) $65

    About Us

    Loose Nuts Cycles is a neighborhood bike shop located in the heart of Grant Park.

    We offer full service repair which includes everything from wheel building to suspension overhauls and would be happy to get you rolling. Our three main brands of bikes are Salsa Cycles, Surly Bikes, and Linus Bikes.

    In addition to new bikes we are also fully stocked with everything you’ll need to get the most out of your riding experience. Come by and say hello!


    • 452-A Cherokee Ave SE
    • Atlanta, GA 30312

    just south of I-20


    • Mon: Closed
    • Tues-Fri: 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
    • Sat: 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    • Sun: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
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