Founded in 2008 in Athens, Georgia, we started as Loose Nuts Custom Wheels. We focused on building riders the perfect set of wheels for their individual needs, desires, and future rides. After two years of work we had grown our name throughout the Southeast through our outreach and support to the local cycling community though sponsoring races and providing superior products to cyclists. There was never any question of evolving the wheel building business into a full-fledged bike shop and in the spring of 2010 it was time to make the move. 

We started small, focusing on the Grant Park neighborhood and Atlanta’s commuters. As the cycling community has grown so have we, evolving from a single speed and commuter oriented shop to a destination shop that has the largest selection of adventure bikes in the Southeast. Throughout this growth we have constantly offered a level of customer service that we feel is second to none. Ultimately Loose Nuts Cycles is here to support you, the rider. While the bikes that we offer may change over time, our dedication to provide a knowledgeable, approachable and fun environment won’t. Whether you are preparing to for a full on season of Georgia Cyclocross, touring the Great Divide trail, or dusting the bikes off to go for a ride with friends or family, we are here to make sure your ride is the most comfortable and most enjoyable it can be. Come by and check us out!